Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Successful Restaurant | Signage

Many entrepreneurs opened restaurants in 2017. From the fall of 2016 to the fall of 2017 over 26,000 new restaurants were opened by well intentioned owners.* Of the 647,288 open restaurants in the fall of 2017, 190,649 or 29% are quick service restaurant franchises and 31,480 or just 5% are full service restaurant franchises. That means that 66% of the restaurants open in 2017 were independent full service restaurants. If you’re a part of this 66% you understand the veracity of the competition in the food industry. It’s not just the food that brings people to your establishment, it's the whole experience. If you plan to open a restaurant in 2018 you have your work cut out for you and we're here to help.
Opening a new restaurant can be a daunting task. One thing you can not forget is your marketing. Once you’ve taken care of your business plan, funding and creating your menu you can turn your attention to the marketing aspect of opening your new business. Designing the look and ambiance of the space is one of the most important tasks. A huge part of this is your signage.

Signage for your establishment runs the gamut from bathroom wall plaques, so everyone knows where to go when they have to go, to the pole or monument sign out front. Branding and your unique look can set you apart from your competition and attract new foodies and bring back previous customers who enjoyed the experience. Everything from the colors you choose to your menu boards, wall signs and floor decals can make for a fun and relaxing experience for your customers.
Once you know the signage you’ll need it’s a great idea to contact a sign company who does every type of sign on your list. In this way you’ll protect your brand from differences in color, style and fabrication for a smooth seamless look and feel, one that your customers will talk about and want to enjoy again and again.
Custom Sign Center is one such sign company. Located on the west side of Columbus OH we have over 125,000 square feet of production space and can handle any sign job you can come up with. One all important sign type for your new restaurant are your menu boards. We offer many different types and have worked with Wendy’s, Donatos, Mad Greek, Shades, Noodles, #1 Gyro Shop, and Tim Horton, just to name a few. Your signage is the first thing people see of your business, make it count.
We offer
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Exterior or interior menu boards
  • Post or wall mounted signage
  • Preview/pre-sell menu boards
  • Speaker posts & canopies (awnings)
  • Wayfinding signs (enter/exit)
  • Monument or pole/pylon signs
  • Permitting & Project Management
  • Designing of your signs
  • Manufacturing capabilities (125,000sf facility)
  • Caring and knowledgeable Project Managers
  • Support staff ready to help with a 5-Star customer service rating
 Make a great experience from beginning to end and foodies will come in droves to eat your cuisine and they’ll send their friends and family to your establishment, too. So, when your restaurant business image demands first-rate quality in design and construction, we speak your language. Custom Sign Center has been providing signage and service since 1969. When choosing a company that can meet and exceed your needs in all aspects of your project from initial concept to final installation and maintenance, Custom Sign Center is your choice for superior service.



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