Monday, July 21, 2014

4 Tips on Maintaining Your Sign

Quality signs are an important marketing tool for businesses as they are capable of reaching potential customers 24hrs a day. When purchasing a sign, size, color, text, and location are all important factors in increasing your return on investment. Another major factor in improving your ROI is sign maintenance. Maintaining the appearance and visibility of your sign can be the difference between customers locating your business easily, or giving up the search due to lack of visibility. Below are a few tips on things you can do to maintain the quality and look of your sign. 

1. Calendar Cleaning. A regular scheduled cleaning of your sign will keep it looking new and keep potential customers interested in your business. Clean your sign of any unwanted dirt and grime that happens throughout the seasons to keep your colors bright.  Signs can be easily cleaned by calling a sign company to come out and complete a thorough cleaning and preventative maintenance on your sign.

2. Regular Inspections. Have a regular inspection scheduled with your sign company, engineers in the sign industry are trained to spot potential issues and fix them before they become a problem. Inspectors can check your structure and lamps to make sure you are getting optimal visibility from your sign. Your sign is your year around marketing tool and big investment; make sure it is working for you, not against you.

3. Landscaping. Make sure to keep regular maintenance of your lawn and landscaping. Over-grown shrubs, and grass can affect full sign visibility and keep customers from finding your location. Also, take care of any flowers in your landscape around your sign. Fresh, blooming flowers and landscaping will boost the quality of your sign and make your business more appealing to customers

4. Sign Repair. Do not wait to replace damaged signs, or re-lamp signs that are too dim or blown out. Make a great first impression to customers with quality undamaged signage, that is visible both day and night. Failing to immediately fix damaged signs can decrease the amount of marketing time for your business and potentially make a simple fix a more difficult and expensive fix. Always call a professional sign company to complete inspections and repairs.

Remember to stay up to date with your sign maintenance and increase your marketing dollars. Contact Custom Sign Center at 800-522-2934 for more information on sign repair and maintenance!

By: Chynna K. Bozeman July 21, 2014

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