Tuesday, November 14, 2017

RE/MAX Brand Refresh - Brand NEW RE/MAX Signs Templates!


We work hard to make your life easier.

Easy online tools, fast shipping and Style Guide Compliance means you get what you need, when you need it and never have to worry about compliance!

Get all your signs right here at


Horizontal Standard & Office Prominent


Access all approved variations RE/MAX has designed for their Agents in an easy to use online interface. Quickly customize your RE/MAX Signs with your information and click-click to order and ship. Click here to purchase your signs with the frame included!
Pick up your signs locally at our west side Super Sign Showroom. Located at 400 N. Wilson Rd, Columbus, OH  or ship direct to your door. Our Customer Care Team is standing by to help you.

Vertical Standard & Office Prominent


Everyone recognizes the familiar red, white & blue design of a RE/MAX Sign. These 24 x 30 signs really set you apart from your competition. Page 29 & 31 of your manual show their restrictions. But you don't have to carry your book around. We've locked down all the necessary elements to keep you compliant.
You never have to worry about compliance. Unlike some of the other sign companies who have unapproved frames and templates on their site, we've worked with your standards dept to ensure compliance of our products.

RE/MAX Collection Signage


Our RE/MAX Collection signs are straight from your style guide. Using the stacked logo approved by RE/MAX Standards, our signs come in all 5 variations from pages   65 - 67 in the Brand Identity Manual.

Lightweight House-Shaped & Rectangular Signs


These RE/MAX signs, from page 36 of your Brand Identity Manual, are the lightweight signs. We have them all for you and our pricing includes the H-stake frame!

Top & Bottom Riders 

Plus Miracle Home Network Rider Coming Soon!


There are several variations of riders that comply with RE/MAX brand refresh. Top riders, in 1 and 2 lines in Primary Red. One-line Bottom Riders in primary blue. Bottom riders are not to be used on vertical signs. Another restriction is your rider's width must match the width of your sign. We've got you covered and all in one place.

Special Frame 30"h X 24"w


Specifically for your vertical standard signs, and RE/MAX Collection signage, this frame keeps you in compliance. There are no riders allowed on the bottom of your vertical signs. (Pg 35 of Brand Identity Manual.)

All this and So Much MORE!

Vinyl Banners (Varied Sizes)


Magnetic Vehicle Signs (Varied Sizes)



Custom Sign Center is here to help

Keep your signage compliant.

Protecting the RE/MAX brand and helping our Realtor Partners save time, money and ultimately the need to replace signage that is not in compliance with RE/MAX Standards.
 Replace all your RE/MAX signs today!


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