Monday, July 21, 2014

Real Estate: 7 Tips for Effective Yard Signs

Real estate yard signs are an essential marketing tool for every agent and every listing. A quality custom real estate yard sign can help drive traffic to your properties and boost brand awareness for your business. Below are 7 tips that will help you determine appropriate design styles and effective color use for advertising properties and marketing your brand. 

1.   Do your research. Invest some time into researching competitors in your market area. Perhaps some of the most well known real estate franchises include: ReMax, Century 21, Keller Williams, and Coldwell Banker. However, take a look into independent Realtors and the colors and styles they use for yard signs. This will give you an idea of what colors you should steer clear of, and also help you to identify current trends in custom yard sign designs. 

2.   Visibility. When determining which colors will best fit your sign and company, remember to consider which color combinations will stand out during the day and during the night. Although most traffic will come through during the day light hours, you do not want to limit yourself to 8am to 7pm. Use color combinations that are easy to read at night to increase your marketing hours.  

3.   Be creative. Color combinations that attract the eye are commonly red/white, black/yellow, and blue/red. Think out side the box and use colors that will jump off the sign and energize your audience. If you must use common colors, try using different shades to differentiate your brand. Two great resource for choosing color combinations are: and  

4.   Don’t be an eye sore. Steer clear of using color combinations that are displeasing to the eye such as a bright green background with purple text, or a white background with light color text (yellow, beige, light blue). Use colors that complement one another and give great contrast for reading, distance, and time of day viewing. 

5.   Less is more. The key is to stand out without looking like a carnival. Using 2 to 3 colors max should give you enough room to be creative and professional. Try using subtle gradient features to your give your sign some style while keeping your brand colors consistent. You can also use color blocking as a great way to highlight important information and add style to your yard signs.

6.   Brand Your Directional Signs. A red and white directional sign that reads OPEN HOUSE can lead people to any listing. The key is to lead them to your listing, your agent, and your brand. Make sure that your directional signs are an extension of your yard signs. If you use color blocking on your lawn sign, add color blocking to your directional signs. This will help make a distinction between your open house listing and others that may be in the same area.

custom sign center template
Example: Branding Real Estate Directional Signs
7.   Be Consistent. No matter which color combination or style you choose for your yard sign, be consistent. When selecting colors find out the RGB or CMYK codes. Provide your printing company with these codes so that they can accurately match your color pallet. Another great idea is to create yard signs that are consistent with your business card design. Keeping the color, style, and font consistent creates brands awareness, brand loyalty, and delivers a more consistent message about who you are as a company.

Before you purchase your first set or your next set of yard signs consider these 7 tips to increase your ROI. Yard signs are a key element to getting your listing seen by potential buyers. No matter which color combination you choose, make the most of your marketing dollars by completing research, being creative, and marketing a consistent message. 

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By: Chynna K. Bozeman July 21, 2014

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